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        Local planeness may be within 0.01.

        1、Homogeneity: the wall thickness difference of the products shall be within 0.008;
        2、Dynamic balance: within 20mg (multiple planes);
        3、Proper circle degree: 0.006mm, cylindricity: 0.02mm;
        4、Evulsion force: more than 60KG
        5、Beating degree: beating degree of radical, presenting part and end face of the external wall;
        presenting part:0.03↓;
        end face:0.02 ↓;
        Punching Part Replaces the Machining Copper B/H
        Parallelism and Verticality Technology
        1、The overall planeness is below 0.02;
        2、The verticality of individual bends is below 0.01, and the parallelism is within 0.02, and 8 points for the same bend shall be measured.
        upper left, middle upper left, middle upper right, upper right
        lower left, middle lower left, middle lower right, lower right
        3、The symmetry is below 0.01
        4、Inside diameter of the benchmark hole: 1.2 (+0.005/+0.015), requiring a high precision (specs after galvanizing).
        Digital Camera Lens Jacket
        1、The punching parts replace the pipe processing parts.
          The availability of the materials is high, and the machining efficiency is high, only the exo-circle is processed, and the inner circle can be punched directly (as for the pipe, the exo-circle and inner circle are processed, causing a large processing volume)
           a、Proper circle degree: within 0.02
           b、Tolerance of inside diameter: ±0.01, and no-go gauge and 3-D are managed at the same time
        Precision Stamping:
        Precision Gear/Rack/ Pulley/Rolling Ring Parts


        Various driving parts like DVD, CD, printer, optical head, etc.
        Features: Such kind of parts applied for the patent of new and practical pattern of “micro-part superplastic extrusion device” (patent number: ZL 2005 1 0022725.1) as invented by Northwestern Polytechnic University. The max gear precision is JIS2. Most of them are gears of level JIS3. The beating accuracy of the gear may be up to 0.02mm, and the surface beating accuracy of the rotary table series may be up to 0.015mm.
        Precision Structural Parts (including bracket and rotary table)


        Various structural parts like DVD core, printer, and copier, etc.
        Features: The products have higher stability. The parts of core bracket rotary table have more than 3000 dimensions, and the management sizes are approx. 1000, and the size precision is mostly 0.05mm, and the precision for some special sizes is up to 0.01mm.
        Super-precision in-mould plastics parts


        Used for various precision step-forward motor and PSP hand-held game players, etc.
        Features: Adopt the high-precision cutting combination mould technology developed by ourselves. The mould core positioning precision is up to 0.002mm, and the adjustable precision is up to 0.005mm. The overall flatness of the bracket products is up to 0.05mm, and the benchmark flatness is up to 0.01mm, and the size precision is up to 0.005mm, and the linear conformity rate of the motor series is 100%.
        Precision Fan Series


        Used to assemble different kinds of fans for electric products. 。
        Features: Good appearance, the P1 and P2 faces of the dynamic balance of the fan blades are within 10mg, and the overall dynamic balance can be within 5mg.
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